What I offer

I bring clarity – to communications, to businesses, and to projects.

I notice that often people don’t get their strategy right because they don’t have a clear and effective message. My offer is simple – I will help solve your complex problems by developing clear strategy tied to concrete business growth, and by defining and communicating what you do: effective messages that engage and activate your business’s stakeholders and audiences.

Specifically, I support and advise companies on a consultancy basis by delivering the following:

Business planning and strategy implementation

Marketing and communications strategy 

Copywriting and editing

A study by Bain & Company on developing business strategies found that companies wanted strategy to include three vital criteria: bold ambition, adaptability in the face of changing market conditions, and concrete guidance for management and the front line. And yet, two thirds of business executives surveyed by Bain & Company said that the typical strategic planning process is not delivering what it should at most companies, and therefore they were not engaged in the process and didn’t see any concrete business results from it, despite valuing the benefits of robust business strategy.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, few businesses have a strong strategic planning process that is well-supported across the organisation, and that is used to drive behaviour and performance. Tying together your vision (the why), your strategy (the what) and your tactics (the how) will help your business thrive, and making sure it’s communicated clearly both internally and externally means your growth is directional and steady.

I love helping organisations and leaders multiply their positive impact through mapping clear routes to business growth and ensuring clarity in their communications. I have a deep and varied experience with organisations such as Sky News, the Royal Household, the Evening Standard and Independent Media Group, and Westminster Abbey, as well as start ups, communications consultancies, film companies and even a neuroscientist. My focus on outcomes and audiences helps organisations define and communicate their message to multiple stakeholders, building markets and influencing their customers.