‘Jen is phenomenally good at what she does, being knowledgeable in both communications/ reputation management and strategy. I learnt something new whenever I spent time with Jen. She is fun to be with, has very high standards, and invests massively in her clients.’

Dr Tara Swart, Neuroscientist, author, executive advisor

“Jen has transformed the way that we communicate. With Jen’s insight and guidance, we have achieved real and significant improvements in outcomes from our key audiences. Every time we speak, I learn to look at things from a new perspective- Jen’s consultancy would be invaluable for any not for profit looking to link their communications to a broader strategy.”

Kari Gerstheimer, Director of Information and Advice, Mencap

“Jen has an incredible clarity of thought which I have seen her use time and time again to create sensible strategy and compelling communications for the organisations she works with. She always manages to see the bigger picture and ensures projects keep moving in that direction.’

Jules Chappell, previously Partner, Hawthorn Advisors, now Managing Director, Business, London & Partners

‘As a social enterprise, purpose is at the centre of everything we do, but succinctly communicating this to a range of different stakeholders can be a challenge. When we asked Jen to support us in developing our vision, mission and values statements, she not only delivered in-depth professional guidance and expertise, she was also very quick to understand the human aspects of our company. Her advice was always tailored towards our unique microcosm and went far beyond what we expected. Thanks to Jen we are now able to clearly communicate our purpose in a way that engages our beneficiaries, clients and investors alike. Our values can be used to guide our business decisions in a highly transparent way.’

Viola Sommer and Ray Coyle, Directors at Auticon Ltd

‘Jen came on-board my first company – a small fashion startup – a couple of years into business, just as we were gaining traction amongst stockists and press, and as behind the scenes was starting to become fairly complex.  I was juggling production, logistics, marketing, branding as well as the nuts and bolts of a young team, and Jen was vital in ensuring our message was consistent and on brand across all parts of the business. Jen is always frank with insightful feedback, and yet still manages to be a complete joy to work with!’

Alexia Pinchbeck, Print Designer and Illustrator

‘Jen was instrumental at Ecosphere+ in generating the momentum to create our business strategy and accompanying financial forecasts and operational plans from beginning to end. We had struggled previously with not being able to properly prioritise against objectives and just doing too much not well but after Jen’s work, the whole team was more aligned and achieving better results while also improving work life balance.’

Jessica Verhagen, previously VP Business Development & Strategy, Ecosphere+