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Travel articles I wrote for The Independent and London Evening Standard:

A real taste of Portugal: learn to cook at Vila Monte Farmhouse


Autumn in the eastern Algarve – sunshine, seafood and unspoilt beaches

The Algarve is oIMG_2435ften mentioned in the same breath as parts of southern Spain; a package holiday picture of fish & chip shops and Irish pubs. It is true that some of the region’s prettiest beaches west of Faro, such as Albufeira and Lagos have developed to cater for mass tourism, and have lost much of their own identity.  However, head east from Faro airport to discover a region where English is still a foreign language, fish is served grilled, barbecued …

Tulum: In search of authentic Mexican flavour

 RecentlyP1030145 described as the Williamsburg of Mexico by the New York Times, Tulum is still one of the most low-key of Mexico’s Mayan Riviera tourist resorts. Beards, green smoothies and even bubble tea contribute to its newly-established “eco-chic” vibe. I arrived there after travelling through central Mexico, and …

Top ten things to see in Mexico

MeIMG_0929xico is filled to the brim with chocolate, tequila, Latin beats, tropical fruit, rich culture and spicy flavours – there’s not a lot more I’d ask from heaven. However, it’s a vast country with many different and contrasting cultures and landscapes, and making the most of it in two weeks can be tricky. Here are my top ten…


Articles on the London Evening Standard:

Bodyism’s new Clean & Lean class – review (03.02.2016)

How to make the ultimate hot dog (01.02.2016)

Say goodbye to Dry January with a healthy avocado Margarita (29.01.2016)

Tried & tested: A ‘face gym’ facial at new Ginger & Juniper London clinic (04.12.15)

New York style beauty bar with eastern European twist comes to London (03.12.2016)

Tried & tested: The copper facial at newly-opened PfefferSal (23.11.2015)

Food on face… a new way to use your smoothie (28.10.2015)

How to make an autumnal apple & pear cocktail (04.10.2015)

Tried & tested: Darphin Facial at Spa Illuminati in Mayfair (29.09.2015)

Tried & tested: Aveda’s new wrap for maintaining your beach body (26.08.2015)

Deliciously Ella’s Gluten-free Pecan and Date loaf recipe (17.08.2015)

Tried & tested, an Uber-inspired at home pedicure from doorstep beauty service, Prettly (24.07.2015)

Tried & tested, healthy hair check tech at Aveda (14.07.2015)

How to get Blake Lively waves (14.05.2015)

Tried & tested, the Face Place Signature Facial (04.06.2015)

How to make a Cocchi Americano Spritz (09.06.2015)

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